Karate BC Individual Membership

If you are an individual who is already registered with Karate BC but want to change your club, please contact info@karatebc.org.

Prices for all members:

  • Junior Colour Belts, 15 years and under: $45.00
  • Senior colour Belts, 16 years and over: $65.00
  • Black Belts, all ages: $80.00
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Coaches and Instructors

This section is for those that are coaches and/or instructors of karate clubs or Provincial/National teams.


This section is applicable to those that are certified Karate BC Officials.

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Safety and Acknowledgement of Risk

The responsibility for sport safety must be shared by all.  I, the indicated individual or legal parent/guardian, am aware that there is a certain risk of injury involved in my own or my child's participation in sport, either while travelling to or from the event; or while attending or participating in the programs or activities of the events which are sanctioned/approved by Karate BC or its Member Clubs.  It is understood by me that the electronic signing of this document is intended to indicate that on behalf of myself and/or my child I assume the shared responsibility and acknowledge the risk of injury by so participating. 

Privacy Policy

By completing this membership application form, signing and joining Karate BC, I consent to the collection of this information and its use as per the Karate BC Privacy Policy as outlined HERE

For more information or to limit the release of information please contact the Karate BC Privacy Officer at info@karatebc.org